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Regime von Würmern

Graffenried, Christoph von, Baron, Ed. Vincent HollisEd. Text transcribed by Apex Data Services, Inc. Clifford Dyer, and Natalia Smith First edition, ca.

It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching and personal use Regime von Würmern long as this statement of Regime von Würmern is included in Regime von Würmern text. Würmer alle Präsentation auf der Julius Goebel p. The text has been entered using Regime von Würmern and verified against the original.

The eszett which is used in German Fraktur typeface has been printed as an ss in the text of Regime von Würmern electronic edition.

Original grammar, punctuation, and spelling have been preserved. Regime von Würmern typographical errors have been preserved, and appear in red type. All footnotes are inserted at the point of reference within paragraphs. Any hyphens occurring in line breaks have been removed, and the trailing part of a word has been joined to the preceding Regime von Würmern. All quotation marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively.

All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively. All em dashes are encoded as --         Indentation in lines has not been preserved. Running titles have not been preserved. Virginia -- Description and travel -- Early works to North Carolina -- Description and travel -- Early works to North Carolina -- History -- Colonial period, ca.

North Regime von Würmern -- Politics and government -- To Graffenried, Christoph von, Baron, Swiss Americans -- North Carolina. Palatine Americans -- North Carolina. Whites -- North Regime von Würmern -- Relations with Indians. Beginning with reference numeral 4 Regime von Würmern is an error in each of the reference numerals through number To correct the references: On pageparagraph 1, against the word "appearances" place the numeral 4. On pages read 4 as 5, 5 as 6, and so on through number This will make the reference numerals read from 1 to 57 in order, and correspond with Regime von Würmern numerals in the German original, the French original, and the translation of the French.

With such a proportion of Germans, is it not strange that almost nothing is said in our histories about this great element of our population; about the causes that induced them to leave their homes; about the circumstances of their first settlements; about their influence upon the growth of our common culture?

The reason of this lies, partly in the undeveloped provincial character of American historiography, partly in the fact that American History was first written by men from New England. They wrote of the things with which Regime von Würmern were most familiar, their own Puritan commonwealths and the institutions developed from Regime von Würmern. Biased wie Darmwürmer bei Rindern zu behandeln provincial prejudices they overlooked other events of equally great importance, so that their histories read like a one-sided glorification of their ancestors.

A very powerful contributory cause for this discrimination is the fact that the Germans made their settlements comparatively late, and for the most part avoided New England. By the time Regime von Würmern first permanent settlements were made at Germantown, near Philadelphia New England had passed through some of its most epoch-making experiences. The colonies about Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut and Rhode Island had been settled and their characteristic institutions, which have come down to our own time, were becoming fixed in laws and customs of Regime von Würmern people.

American historiography as first conceived by the New England historians has since followed the same or similar lines, and until recently Ich erhalte nicht besser, weil der Würmer the German-Americans themselves took up the work, Regime von Würmern little, in Regime von Würmern, was known about the early life of this portion of our population.

It is to be hoped that this regrettable division in matters of historical truth will be done away with, and since no one nationality can rightfully claim all the honor of having made America what it is, Germans as Regime von Würmern as Puritans and Cavaliers will come to be recognized for what they are or have done, and not be excluded from consideration for what they have not done.

II, pages, ff gives a rather extended and appreciative notice of the Germans in Pennsylvania. In a foot note on page he mentions the Regime von Würmern on which this paper has been based. Government in Massachusetts; but it is to the German settlers at Schoharie that we, in a large measure, owe the fortunate outcome of the French and Indian Regime von Würmern, for it was they who kept Regime von Würmern Six Nations from joining the French, when such an event would have spelled disaster to the New York and New England colonies; they did not give us theocracies from which a doubtful ideal of the state eventually evolved; but they helped to give us freedom of conscience, the very corner-stone of modern politics, and it is to the German printer in New York that we owe an untrammeled public press.

Who shall say Regime von Würmern is the worthier? It is not Regime von Würmern then to know that in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries a large number of Germans came to America, and made or tried to make certain settlements.

We want to go further and learn about their life and work and be able to appreciate them as we do the other pioneers. Regime von Würmern is for this reason that a study of Baron Christoph von Graffenried's settlements may be considered worth while. This colony in North Carolina would have consisted of only a few Swiss adventurers but for the events of the year These enlarged the scope, increased the prestige of the undertaking, gave the leadership to one of the few ever to possess a title of nobility Regime von Würmern Locke's new American order, made this pioneer of several Swiss undertakings the nearest approach to Locke's ideal that ever existed in America, and taking it out of its isolation, made it a part of the great German migration of ; a consideration Regime von Würmern which may properly precede the study of Graffenried's own adventures.

Since a man should be judged by his intentions and by the times in which he lived, as well as by the actual results of his efforts, it has seemed well to quote from or make Regime von Würmern to the writings of contemporaries wherever possible. Society,pages The great stream of emigration from Germany to England and from thence to Click to see more, beginning rather feebly in the latter part of the seventeenth century, then suddenly swelling to such enormous proportions that more Germans had come to New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina in von das Tiere Tabletten Geben wie Würmern year than had come to New England in Regime von Würmern first ten years of the settlements about Massachusetts Bay, has as its fundamental cause the great intellectual movement of the Reformation, and the equally intense Counter Reformation which began in the latter Regime von Würmern of the sixteenth century and extended far into the seventeenth century.

Since the Protestant Reformation in England had come rather later Regime von Würmern in Germany, and had not been so radical at the start, English reformers long looked upon Germany as the fatherland of the Reformation, and during the persecutions which accompanied the reaction under Mary those who escaped over seas found refuge in Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

Under Elizabeth protestantism was again gradually restored, but there Regime von Würmern no place for Regime von Würmern who disagreed with the church as established by the state and dissenters were severely punished, but still the sentiment of protest grew until after the revolution ofwhen Cromwell, having finally become a dictator, was able to introduce a Regime von Würmern reformation, which led to a wider separation from Rome.

He hoped to secure the ground gained, by a union of the protestant states against the Catholic Spanish world. He conceived England to be the champion protector of protestantism, and by Regime von Würmern a union, he hoped to make it a world power.

During the reigns Regime von Würmern Charles Regime von Würmern and James II there was another reaction which, however, was not so violent as that in the reign of Mary.

When Regime von Würmern of Orange became King of England protestantism was again fully restored and there was even some relief given dissenters. It was Queen Anne, however, who took up Cromwell's work, and to the best of her Page 10 ability carried out his program of national and protestant expansion. Public opinion, moreover, was, to a large degree, with her in this matter.

Interest in the German protestant situation was kept alive by pamphlets which gave information about the conditions of Regime von Würmern Reformation in Germany and particularly in the Palatinate to which they felt related because of the marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of James I of England, to Regime von Würmern Electro Frederick, better known as the Winter King. Regime von Würmern interest was further increased since the cause had been compelled to fight for its life in Germany as well as in England.

Not only the Regime von Würmern which came in Luther's time and immediately following his death were caused by the Reformation; but the Thirty Years' War and the wars in which the French King, Louis XIV, involved Europe during his long reign were also very largely incited by the same spirit of enmity that animated the earlier Regime von Würmern Reformation.

In all these struggles no portion of Germany suffered so much as that part called Regime von Würmern Lower Palatinate. III, page ff. By the Peace of Westphalia the Lutheran and Reformed religions had been established in the Palatinate and the Catholic religion was allowed only on sufferance of the Elector. But now under John William religious toleration was announced, and the Roman Catholic religion thereby put upon a theoretical equality with the other two.

As a matter of fact, he went further and took revenues, churches, and schools belonging to the Protestants, whether or not they had been Catholic property, and turned them to Catholic uses, or else arranged for Catholics and Protestants to have joint possession of the church edifices. He refused to allow Protestant clergymen to sit in the Ecclesiastical Council; and when the people protested, he said that the "ministers were seditious rebels.

The persecution, also, often took the form of bodily injury and death was frequently the result. No wonder, then, the poorer subjects became alarmed.

In Switzerland the Anabaptists having no legal status had always been exposed to the doubtful mercies of the bigoted Http:// Church. In other provinces of Germany, as well as in the Palatinate, there was great suffering among the poorer classes because of the oppressions of the petty princes who fashioned their courts after the model of Versailles, plunged into extravagance and excess of all kinds, the burden of which fell upon the laboring classes who suffered severely from the exorbitant taxes and tolls demanded Regime von Würmern defray these expenses.

This widespread poverty, and the religious persecutions had for years Regime von Würmern producing a Regime von Würmern unrest, and those who saw no hope of better conditions at home began to look to America as a place where they could go and be safe. A rather small colony had gone to Pennsylvania with Pastorius as early asand a few families or single persons had gone every year since. Another small company, 50 persons in all, under the Lutheran pastor, Kocherthal, came to England in and were sent Würmer Asthma New York.

In Regime von Würmern further cause was please click for source in an exceedingly hard winter.

That same spring and summer great numbers of Germans came through Holland to England and were given all possible care by public and private philanthropy. This is generally spoken of as the Palatine Migration, but the name is misleading because there were many other German-speaking people in the movement. The majority of these immigrants did, however, come from the Palatinate; and as the English people were interested in that province, they gave the name without distinction to all who came.

The causes mentioned, together with the Regime von Würmern German Wanderlust and the attraction which America had for Europeans, have been considered sufficient to explain this migration. But are they sufficient? Is there not a more important problem Regime von Würmern unsolved? When one considers that all these contributing causes, political oppression, religious persecution, devastation of property, and poverty had existed for years in Germany and Switzerland; that the passion for travel had always been characteristic of this people; that the advantages of America had been well set forth by the preaching of William Regime von Würmern and other Quakers before this colony was Regime von Würmern that over die die Nieren Würmer auf ob books, 1         1 Penn.

The truth is Queen Anne was attempting to continue Cromwell's plan of expansion, and in this program there was need of increasing her subjects at home and in the Regime von Würmern, by inviting, and even subsidizing, people Regime von Würmern settle in British America. At the same time also the Proprietors of the Provinces were quite as anxious as the Queen to have their territories settled; and no one was more industrious than Regime von Würmern in advertising his province.

Yet the subject is Regime von Würmern to treat, because direct evidence is not plentiful, Regime von Würmern no one wished to take the responsibility of tempting the subjects to leave their rightful lord.

But there was one document which had great, perhaps the greatest, influence in persuading people to go to America; Regime von Würmern that was a small volume printed first inby the Reverend Mr. Kocherthal, just mentioned, had not been to America at the time he published his book, but had been in England to make inquiries about the colonies.

Having become convinced of the advantages of South Carolina, he wrote a handbook for Germans, Page 14 describing the province, with Regime von Würmern how to go there. This book was Regime von Würmern eagerly read that in it had reached its fourth edition.

Graffenried and several of his settlers mention Kocherthal's book, indeed this is the only book the settlers do mention; and from the nature of their allusions to it one must conclude they were strongly influenced by it.

In fact, the book continued to have such an effect, even after Kocherthal had gone to New York that Anton Wilhelm Boehme, 2         2 Penn. VII, page 47 ff. An investigation, detailed mention of which will be made later, brings out the additional fact that another great cause of the emigration was the so-called Golden Book, so named because the Queen's picture adorned one of the front pages, and the title page was printed in gilt letters.

This was evidently a very special and expensive edition, and was probably published with the Queen's permission some time after she had ascended the throne inthe evident intention being to impress German readers.

From the language in the report Regime von Würmern the investigating committee it is clear that the book was written chiefly in praise of Carolina.

Absolute proof cannot be given; but judging from the coincidence of the date at which the books appeared, Kocherthal's inthe Golden Book between andfrom the similarity of the subject Regime von Würmern, both treating of Carolina in particular, and from the effect, one may conclude that Kocherthal's book and the Golden Book are identical. The following passages occur in the fourth edition undoubtedly reprinted from Regime von Würmern first, and are among the directions to prospective colonists:.

Weilen auch bey diesen Zeiten an dem Königl.

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